Sausage Rolls from our chef Anne Halson


Anne Halson re-creates the classic sausage roll using Greek lamb
Here are a few tips for your next picnic outing.
Greek lamb Sausages
Flakey pastry or savoury short crust
Asparagus (raw)
Roasted red peppers (either jarred or your own)
Onion marmalade (again substitute for your favourite chutney)
Feta cheese (I find feta the most useful as a lot of other cheeses melt out)
1 egg for glaze

• Cut the pastry to the desired size and shape place ingredients on pastry and roll.

• Glaze with beaten egg.

• Bake at 180’c (375˚F)
for approx. 30 minutes or until golden.


This idea can work anyway you would like. You can easily substitute ingredients for other sausages and overall flavour combinations. Make them a lunch size snack or canapé. If you have a particular sausage idea in mind, come and have a chat with our creative butcher David at Raeward Fresh – he’s always keen to make something new!
Also, be sure to visit Anne’s fantastic food blog: Fresh Kitchen