Chef Anne Halson’s Tuna Potato Cakes

Anne has a wonderful ability to transform fresh ingredients from Raeward Fresh into delicious creations. Here, she shares her recipe for fresh tuna and Desiree potato cakes. Check out her other recipes at Fresh Kitchen.
4 large Desiree potatoes
Half this volume of fresh tuna
Japanese mayonnaise
Spring onion
Coriander and or mint
Fresh ginger
Crisp onion
Toasted black and white sesame seeds

• Steam potatoes till just cooked and allow to cool.
• Rub tuna with lemon oil and season lightly with salt and pepper and bake or pan fry till just cooked.
• Coarsely grate potatoes into a large bowl add finely chopped spring onions, coriander, finely chopped ginger, lime zest, 1/4 cup of Japanese mayonnaise salt an pepper to taste.
• Mix all together gently.
• Flake tuna and mix gently through potato mixture.
• Check seasoning, add more if desired to taste.
• Form into cakes and pass through toasted black and white sesame seeds.
• Allow to rest for a couple of hours, or overnight.
To serve:
You can either sauté these in a pan or drizzle with a little coconut oil and put into a hot oven to lightly brown.
Serve with Japanese mayonnaise, lime wedges, coriander and crispy fried onion.