Raeward Fresh Queenstown - Cheese and Cured Meat
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Thursday, 01 May 2008

Cheese and Cured Meat

Cheeses from around the World

At the Mediterranean Market we import the best in Parmesans from Italy, Stiltons from England and bries from France plus many other favourites from around the world. New Zealand is also emerging some very talented cheese makers and we have selected some of New Zealand's finest from each product range bringing you the choices for the ultimate cheese board.

Cured Meats

Choose from a top quality Italian salami's or savour an authentic proscuitto direct from Parma. Our meats have been chosen for quality, taste and variety and are sourced from all corners of the world. Meats are sliced to order ensuring optimum taste and quality.

Individuals and trade receive special pricing for whole cheeses and whole meat products - please enquire at the deli.

Selection of Cheese Cured Meat Selection of Cheese and Cured Meat

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