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Tuesday, 10 October 2006

What's Fresh Wed 26th April - Mon 1st May

We're closed Tuesday Anzac Day "Lest We Forget"


From Produce 
Monday 24th April - Monday 1st May

- Whole Crown Pumpkin Only $2.99 each      
- Beetroot                          Only $2.29 per kg
- Carrots Bunched           Only $2.29 each
- Green Kiwifruit               Only $3.29 per kg
- Tangelos                         Only $3.99 per kg


From the Butchery

Bostock's Organic Chicken Carcasses
Only $5.99 per kg

It's that time of the year again! Time to stock up. A good bone broth is a nourishing all rounder packed with vitamins, minerals, collagen and keratin. The healthy fats in the broth help you to assimilate important vitamins including Vitamin D. Click here for a good basic recipe.


From the Deli

Talbot Forest Goat's Feta 
Only $5.99 each

A tasty firm traditional goat's feta that crumbles perfectly. 


Nadia Lim's
Pumpkins with Chickpea Stuffing & Goat's Cheese

Serves 6
Recipe from 'Nadia' issue April/May 2017

3 small butternut pumpkins, cut in half lengthwise
3 tbsp. olive oil plus extra to serve
sea salt
2 cloves garlic, finely sliced
1 red onion, diced
1 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp smoked paprika
400g tin chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1 red capsicum, diced
1 courgette, diced
30g baby spinach or kale leaves
100g goat's cheese
1/2 tsp ground sumac
Micro greens to garnish

Preheat the oven to 170C.

Scoop the seeds from pumpkin halves. Use 1 tbsp. of the oil and sprinkle of sea salt to rub all over cut side of pumpkin halves. Place in a single layer in a shallow roasting dish and roast for 30 minutes or until pumpkin flesh is just tender when pierced with a knife. Leave oven on.

Heat the remaining oil and sauté the garlic, onion, cumin seeds and paprika until soft and fragrant.

Add chickpeas, courgette and capsicum and cook for 2 minutes until starting to colour. Add leaves, remove from the heat and stir until leaves have just wilted then crumble in half the goat's cheese.

Fill pumpkin shells with the chickpea stuffing and top with remaining goat's cheese, sliced into rounds. Sprinkle with a pinch of sumac then bake for a further 20 minutes until golden.

Serve the pumpkin with a drizzle of olive oil, seasoning and a few micro greens scattered on top.


From Groceries

Italian Tinned Chickpeas 400g
Only $1.99 each

Chickpeas are a great way to add fiber and protein to your autumn soups and stews.


Autumn Inspiration

Nadia Lim's Creamy Millet & Steel-cut Oats
with Caramelised Cinnamon Apples

Serves 2
Recipe from 'Nadia' issue April/May 2017

Millet is a naturally gluten-free grain. It's rich in magnesium, vitamins A and B, calcium and iron.

1/2 cup hulled millet
1/2 cup steel-cut oats
1 cup water
1 cup milk
2 tsp vanilla essence or extract
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 heaped tbsp. cashew, almond or peanut butter

Caramelised Cinnamon Apples:
1 knob butter
2 apples, cored and sliced
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tbsp. liquid honey or maple syrup
Milk or cream to serve

Mix all the porridge ingredients, except nut butter, in a pot with a pinch of salt. Bring to a gentle boil then reduce heat and simmer, stirring frequently, for 15-25 minutes or until soft. Stir in the nut butter.

Meanwhile, heat butter in a large frying pan on medium heat. Add apple and cinnamon and cook for a few minutes until apple is lightly caramelised and soft. Add honey or maple syrup and toss with the apple, then turn off the heat.

To serve, divide porridge and apple between bowls and serve with milk - or a little cream for a treat!

Nadia Lim's Mushroom Barley 'Barlotto'
Serves 4
Recipe from 'Nadia' issue April/May 2017

Pearl Barley is a high-fibre, high-protein whole grain that's an excellent alternative to rice or pasta, with a mild, nutty flavour.

15g dried mushrooms (eg porcini)
1-1 1/2 cups boiling water
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 cup pearl barley
1 onion or 2 shallots, finely chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
2/3 cup white wine
1 1/2 cups vegetable or chicken stock (use your homemade broth for an extra nutritious dish!)
50g butter
200g fresh mushrooms, sliced (button, oyster, portabello, swiss brown, shiitake etc)
2 handfuls chopped spinach
3/4-1 cup freshly grated parmesan, plus extra to serve
1 knob butter
About 20 sage leaves

Mix dried mushrooms with boiling water in a bowl and leave to soak for 10-15 minutes until soft. Squeeze mushrooms to remove excess liquid and reserve the liquid (it's like a mushroom stock with tons of flavour). Finely chop the soaked mushrooms and set aside.

Heat olive oil in a saucepan and add barley, lightly frying until barley is toasted (about 2 minutes). Add onion or shallots and garlic and sauté until soft ( about 5 minutes).

Add wine and let it bubble for a couple of minutes, then add the stock and 1 cup partially with a lid and simmer for 45-50 minutes until barley is tender (it will still have a bit of bite to it) and the liquid is mostly absorbed. Stir a few times during cooking. Turn off heat but leave the lid completely on to allow the barley to keep steaming.

Heat 50g butter in a large frying pan, add mushrooms (both dried and fresh) and sauté for 5-6 minutes until soft and golden. If the mushrooms are looking dry in the pan at any time, add a bit of stock to help sauté them.

Stir spinach, parmesan and half the cooked mushrooms through the barlotto. Some people like to stir in another knob of butter at this point for extra richness. Season to taste with salt (or a little soy sauce for more depth of flavour) and freshly ground black pepper.

Heat knob butter in a frying pan until starting to brown then add sage leaves and cook for 1-2 minutes until crispy.

Divide barlotto between plates. Garnish with rest of mushrooms, extra grated or shaved parmesan and fried sage leaves.


Meet our Growers and Producers

Ben Bostock runs an organic chicken farm. At first glance, this may not seem that interesting given our our well-greased marketing world of slick, modern grocery stores where every other product flashes the ‘organics’ title. However, when you scratch a little deeper, you’ll find that Bostock Chickens is actually one of only two farms in New Zealand to produce truly pastured, naturally fed birds. Read more about Bostock's Organics here!

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