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Monday, 07 March 2011


David Harrison's previous experience as a head chef makes him an excellent butcher as he can guide you all the way from choosing the right cut to how to cook it. Now offering you a premium range of top quality cuts sourced locally from the best producers, talk to David today about your favourite. 

Leelands Lamb is grown on Southland pastures. This is an export quality product that is sent direct to the Mediterranean Market for your eating pleasure. You can rely on this being some of the best lamb you have ever tasted.

Havoc Pork is farmed freerange with love in the Hunter Hills and tastes like pork should. No pumping with water, no drugs, freerange. Try their Supreme Artisan Award winning Yorkshire bacon today!

Canterbury Angus high quality grass-fed, hormone free quality beef, aged to perfection. Quality controlled for guaranteed consistently tender beef.

Fare game wild venison is shot and processed in the Southern region by Callum Hughes, offering you the opportunity to savour the real thing.

Bostocks Organic Chickens these freerange chickens are just like chickens should be and taste like it. They are GMO, Antibiotic and Hormone free and thrive on organic lush green grass and homegrown feed. 

Waitoa free range chickens are available from the butchery whole and spatchcock, breast and thigh.

Canter Valley Turkey freerange Turkey breast and mince is available in our butchery and we love the freerange additive free turkey breast so much you will find it sliced in our deli serve over.  Canter Valley Fresh Free range Turkeys are our preferred Christmas Turkeys which you can order from us direct or online

We supply a range of speciality frozen meats such as peking duck, poussin, freerange organic chicken and livers, quail, duck breast and leg.

Small Goods

Sample David's handmade sausages made with our high quality meat - too tasty to add sauce!

Havoc freerange Eye Bacon, streaky and award winnng Yorkshire Black.

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